The Myth

The Myth

Everyone can relate to the Myth of Sisyphus. Sisyphus was condemned to an eternity of pushing a boulder uphill, only to see it reach the top and roll down. This is the mythological representation of the daily grind, the struggle we all feel. In The Myth,  Gina Cunningham use a spectacular natural environment as a setting for dance moves and classic yoga poses in a post-modern interpretation of life’s futility and the path to acceptance.

The Myth
A video dance based on the myth of Sisyphus

Produced and Directed by Gina Cunningham & Peter Eves
Artistic Directors Y-not Art Films, Miami Beach

Edited by Gina Cunningham & Colleen Farnum

Executive Producers: Marlene Woodward & Peter Eves

Producers: Heidi Nelson & Thomas Woodward

Costumes: Colleen Farnum, Shades of Earth

Camera: Alex Maroney & Lev Yarborough

Art Department: Gina Cunningham, Peter Eves,

Thomas Woodward & Tina Doran

Original music “Same Bottle” written & performed by Alexa Wiley

Guest Artist: Hannah Baumgarten, Artistic Director, Dance Now! Miami

Principal Dancer: Heidi Nelson, Agnieszka Laska Dancers

Sissy Dawson
Niqi Cavanaugh
Dominique Leopold
Gentry Fielder

Special Thanks:
John Farnum
Oak Ridge Vineyards
Marlene Woodward
Thomas Woodward

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